A Little History


Since I have been furiously making items to sell at The Alliday Show and the Indie Emporium show, I decided I would give a little history on how I started working with paper clay.  It all began when I started renovating our 1910 home and wanted to add some pizzaz to our stairwell.  It was winter time and everything was dead and the skies were gray.  I love color and decided I wanted to do a dimensional wall mural that would reflect what I wanted to see when I looked out the window.  I began researching how I was going to accomplish this dimensional wall mural and came across paper clay.  Here is what I ended up with.

IMG_0018 IMG_0016 IMG_0024 IMG_0021 IMG_0027 IMG_0026


I almost immediately fell in love with how easy, lightweight and versatile paper clay is.  After this project I began looking for other ways to incorporate this medium into my creative endeavors.  I never would have guessed back then that I would figure out a way to make jewelry, lights and bowls using paper clay.

I’m curious as to what interesting mediums you have used in your creative endeavors?

Happy Creating!


About KBenskin

I am just an average girl next door type of gal living in Oklahoma, who at the age of 37 decided it is never too late to chase down my dreams and squeeze every ounce I can out of them. I am fixated with vibrant colors and patterns and enjoy challenging myself to incorporate this fixation into dazzling creations that can be worn or used to adorn ones space. I also take joy in using unexpected materials to construct my designs, with my current favorite material being paper clay. I have loved making things with my hands since I was old enough to draw and as an adult grew to realize that to create is as important to my well being as eating. The more I began to create the more I realized I wanted to put myself out there and share them with others. I decided I wanted to be like glitter, leaving sparkly little bits of myself everywhere I go. I pushed through all my fears and opened up my Etsy shop at the beginning of last year with my big goal of tackling craft fairs close in my sights. I had my first outdoor craft booth at Chalkfest Tulsa in September 2013, which spring boarded me forward to apply for bigger events specifically geared toward those consumers who are looking for unique quality handmade items. I look forward to sharing my journey with all of you!

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